Be one of the first two-thousand people in North America to earn the

Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant®
Designation & Learn what Fee-For-Services Is all about!

The C-CREC® designation, sponsored by the National Association of Real Estate Consultants® (NAREC), is the first program of its kind to share in-depth data regarding what real estate consumers want and are willing to compensate professionals for. Additionally, you’ll learn how to successfully integrate unbundled, fee-for-services consulting into your current listing/selling business to help eliminate “free” and get paid for what you do, when you do it!

Upon completion of the two-day course, you’ll be able to:

  • Enumerate seven new consumer’ realities (four of which deal with money) that pinpoint why broker/agent profitability is at an all-time low and still slipping!
  • Differentiate between “discounting” and “fee-for-services”
  • Determine which services can be safely unbundled and which should remain packaged and why (based on licensing laws and liability)
  • Determine what one-hour of your time is worth, pencil out “price point plus profit” for services you provide as well as identify which services you should never perform again
  • Cement a client relationship for life using the Consumer Needs Assessment® coupled with upfront retainer fees and step-by-step agreements
  • Design a two-page “How We Work Together” overview to let consumers know what you will and won’t do, what’s expected of them—and have it agreed to and reduced to writing before you even decide to work with them!
  • Complete and apply a three-page business plan to integrate new approaches for pricing, marketing, and follow-up into your current listing/selling business
  • Access downloadable forms, checklists, logos, and consumer-focused marketing materials as a C-CREC® designee
If you plan on being a survivor in the paradigm-shifting real estate profession and get paid what you’re worth, don’t miss this designation course---your profitable future could depend on it!

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State of Alabama Real Estate Commission school license #69664